KARON.DE > KARŌN expends its expertise with the Business Context Viewer (BCV)

The Business Context Viewer is a useful application for the visualization of data within the SAP environment. The additional application integrates analysis and search data with collecting data out of a request and hand them over to the user interface for visualization. With this framework different information of the SAP Business Suite can be displayed and business requirements can be analysed. As an example the BCV is able to generate a global overview on quality management issues for the management.

KARŌN Consultants can provide the knowledge needed for the BCV and are able to expand the graphic with information out of the SAP PPM Resource management. The standard solution provides and overview on two main information, e.g. the notification of a resource in different projects. KARŌN complements this view with any number of resources and enables an overview on the whole project team.

Currently KARŌN is realizing further QIM-Requirements within the BCV. The new features, for example, will enable the customer to display the status of machine failures with showing the cost and processing status of repair as well as the machine runtimes.

We are looking forward to inform and consult you in any questions around the BCV and possible extensions. Contact: info@karon.de