Adhoc Shipping in SAP EWM

Adhoc Shipping in SAP EWM with ‘direct Outbound Deliveries’

Adhoc customer requests and outbound deliveries with far less administrative effort and occurring costs – we from KARŌN can support you with that.

It doesn’t matter whether the end of a month or a year is approaching and further revenue should be achieved, or whether simply adhoc customer requests need to be fulfilled – if it needs to go fast, then the standard process of a SAP outbound delivery can cause a lot of administrative effort as well as the integration of multiple persons and departments

  • from a creation of a Sales Offer and based on that
  • a Sales Order and
  • the need of an outbound delivery in ERP
  • until the actual shipment (via WM or EWM)

To „purify“, simplify, speed up and thus to reduce cost SAP EWM offers the functionality of the ‘direct Outbound Deliveries’.

Of course, there are a few constrains occurring in comparison to the standard outbound delivery, that is triggered by ERP.

But it is worth considering, that the ‚direct Outbound Delivery’ is not supposed to replace the standard process, but to supplement it to guarantee further flexibility.

Such a flexibility can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Direct Sales
    • Customer directly picks up at the warehouse – no Sales Order in ERP needed
    • No physical transportation incl. potential costs
  • (Internal) Account Assignment
    • I.e., a delivery and a booking against an internal production order or a cost center
  • Scrapping
    • Last step with this process
    • With the goods issue booking the goods are scrapped from the warehouse stock
  • Immediate deliveries
    • Push principle: based on the current demands (open TOs) in the warehouse i.e., still available space on a pickup truck can be utilized with further outbound deliveries
    • Pull principle: triggered by the customer i.e., in case a delivery in the past wasn’t fulfilled completely
  • Kit-to-Stock / Reverse Kitting
    • ‚Reservation‘ of a kit before the actual outbound delivery
    • Reversing of a kit

Would you like to set up yourself more flexible for adhoc customer requests and outbound deliveries to reduce occurring efforts and costs?

We from KARŌN gladly support you with the functionality of the ‘direct Outbound Deliveries’.