The Rich Application Client (RAC) is the most prolific user interface when interacting with Teamcenter. All important functionalities in Teamcenter can be accessed using the RAC. EasyPlan is one component of the Active Workspace architecture. Active Workspace is an innovative and web-based Client which connects all TC users inside a PLM platform based on a simplified user interface and, therefore, increases user acceptance. Hence, it accelerates Time-to-Value by offering an optimized and intuitive planning system on all devices.

But, when to use TC RAC or when to use EasyPlan respectively Active Workspace?

The NX Assembly Line Planner (NX ALP) is the newest software for virtual planning. It is based on the NX core and creates data in Teamcenter. The focus, however, is to work with NX ALP, independently, while Teamcenter acts as a PLM system storing the data, without having the need to open it. The production planner in NX ALP works entirely in 3D and with the focus to generate process plans, steps, the relevant time in order to ensure that production is completed within cycle time. The 3D approach ensures especially that the work with manufacturing technologies such as spot applications (resistance spot weld) or seams (e.g. bond seams) can be planned, accordingly.

The NX Line Designer (NX LD) is a tool for planning, designing and creating production layouts. The software enables the user to create detailed production layouts in 3D and marks the first step to manage the digital twin by creating its 3D representation.

When to use the NX Assembly Line Planner (NX ALP), when to use the NX Line Designer (NX LD)? We can help in the selection process.