The Rich Application Client (RAC) is the most prolific user interface when interacting with Teamcenter. All important functionalities in Teamcenter can be accessed using the RAC. EasyPlan is one component of the Active Workspace architecture. Active Workspace is an innovative and web-based Client which connects all TC users inside a PLM platform based on a simplified user interface and, therefore, increases user acceptance.

We live in challenging times: increasing energy costs with an increasing demand at the same time, stricter laws for CO2 emissions, the “plastic law” (within the EU), ESG reporting or the EU-Taxonomy.

Sustainability is becoming more and more one of the defining topics in our daily lives – whether privately or commercially – because our nature is under enormous pressure by mankind.

In a project with a household appliance company, we performed a FIT-GAP analysis and a prototype to establish the possibility of product customization by the customer and to integrate this possibility into the existing processes of the company. For a series manufacturer, this is often a new experience, especially as one of the first in the industry. KARŌN helped the company to take advantage of the mega trend of customization.

From the 06th to the 07th of September 2018 we were at the Campus Symposium in Iserlohn. This year's theme of the fair was "digitisation" according to the motto "Digitize or Die". Through our managing partner Thorsten Schmidt there is a great connection to Iserlohn and the region of South Westphalia. For several years now, the Campus Symposium has been a very popular event for us, and this year has been particularly well suited to our daily work by referring to the topic of "digitisation".

The Business Context Viewer is a useful application for the visualization of data within the SAP environment. The additional application integrates analysis and search data with collecting data out of a request and hand them over to the user interface for visualization. With this framework different information of the SAP Business Suite can be displayed and business requirements can be analysed. As an example the BCV is able to generate a global overview on quality management issues for the management.