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KARōN watches over your PROJECT portfolio

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Requirement Management
A strategically portfolio project management improves your business planning. It supports you to adapt on dynamic changes at the market. Furthermore, it optimizes your competitive position and your use of resources as well as it supports your decision making process. Nevertheless, the portfolio project management is a challenge for many companies due to the increasing process complexity.

Portfolio management as part of services from KARŌN

We advise and support our costumers continuously during every phase of the project life cycle. We also support you with the portfolio project management.  Numerous medium-sized enterprises and concerns rely on our comprehensive and overall competencies. Furthermore, you can count on our long experience that we earned in many different projects.

The key issues

Many factors contribute to a successful project realization. KARŌN knows about them and takes care for a reliable foundation of your projects, both in an economical and strategic manner. On our way to an integrated portfolio project management we consider many different aspects and questions:

  • Are the project portfolio and your strategic business goals aligned?
  • Who works on the projects and how do they develop?
  • Is the supply and demand fitting with capacity and budget?
  • Do you have transparency and control over all of your projects?
  • Do you use your resources in the best way?

Independent Consulting

Independent and system neutral we advise you for your precise and target-orientated realization of business strategies. We identify every relevant data and prepare a meaningful assessment which will be critical, clear and gapless. Depending on your specific needs we will communicate a recommendation for your business.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Improved organization of your portfolio compared with your strategic business goals
  • Higher productivity due to optimized use of budget and resources
  • Reduce complexity within your portfolio
  • Precise project prioritization for monetary and strategic issues
  • Rational and transparent basis for decision making regarding your investigations

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

Project management

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EPPM / PPM / cProjects / CPM / PS
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Schedule Manager / Projects
KARŌN successfully realizes your projects. To do so we use our remarkable skills and develop them constantly. Besides expertise, IT and technology know-how, these include comprehensive skills and methods for precise project controlling and execution. Furthermore, they include special competencies in the area of change management and the support of people in change processes. Our consultants are qualified in Prince 2, GPM and with many additional certificates.

Project Management as part of services from KARŌN

The KARŌN range of services concludes the entire product life cycle management. In every part and project context we relay on our expertise in project management. Our approach is pragmatic that is why we do not idolize methodologies. Instead we use our tools project-related and with focus on the needed occasion. Always in the fitting form, always efficient and of course always success oriented.

What makes us special

Our dynamic project methods are complemented with classical approaches. Therefore we get significant faster project results and ensure low consumptions for your employees. This self-developed method we call Model-based Design®. It was created in many years of project experiences and further developed by the professional support from technical colleges.

What you CAN expect from us

Our approaches give us the conditions to be fast and efficient. We are able to recognize and avoid risks and mistakes earlier in the process then it is possible with comparable methods. Due to that fact we reduce costs and effort for our customers and relieve your project team. In addition, we intensively integrate and participate the colleagues from the departments so that the change management process is successful.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Shorter project duration
  • Project results are available earlier
  • Fast identification and elimination of risks
  • Mistake reduction
  • Easy implementation (change management)
  • Higher employee-acceptance for the solution (pull instead of push)

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools


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Classification / My Teamcenter / NX / Product Configurator / Structure Manager / T4S / T4EA
One of the biggest challenges in the product development is the interaction of software systems, program applications, development teams, constructors and planning departments. Big OEM often develop new products with teams of more than 100 persons. Doing so, many problems occur, for example with regard to the status monitoring, the feedback on requirements, modification measures, tasks and goals as well as the comparison of project deadlines. The linking and interaction of integrated, mechanical, electronic and software-specific components increases the complexity.


What matters in the product development nowadays? To optimize approaches and to understand decisions, which are taken in the different construction domains, is more important than ever before. For this, a model based system-engineering approach is a helpful method in order to achieve an efficient planning and controlling.


Where does the product stand regarding the construction? How do I achieve an optimal solution? PLM software leads to transparency in construction processes and gives answers to important questions. A holistic protection of cost, schedule and quality goals is gained by the possibility of managing resources, processes and budgets target-oriented. Even highly complex development and construction processes can be controlled and implemented purposefully in accordance with Industry 4.0.


  • A realistic visualization of the product development processes and construction scopes. All approaches are presented properly and precisely.
  • Optimized and coordinated parts lists in the context of product-lifecycle management.
  • Increased productivity due to the use of established project templates, interfaces and basic configurations.
  • Simplified and accelerated information flow on departments, suppliers or project teams.
  • Project execution in accordance with strategies and planning standards.
  • Fast handling of construction states by navigating easily and controlling all parts list objects in complex and parallel structures.


  • Our consultants have worked multiple years as designer in the line of diverse industries.
  • We advise you in building functional product structures as well as in the planning of effective and efficient development processes.
  • We prefer a federal PLM, to ensure a total coverage of the requirements for the project plan.
  • We use the modular strategy because it encounters the growing number of varieties and the requested reusability of components.
  • The KARŌN-specific approach for the process mapping and validation combined with a profound understanding of CAD/CAE and PLM software makes a unique and efficient approach possible.

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Engineering Control Center ECTR
  • SAP Public Sector Management PSM
  • SIEMENS Classification
  • SIEMENS My Teamcenter
  • SIEMENS Product Configurator
  • SIEMENS Structure Manager
  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor

Planning of digital systems for the engineering and manufacturing area

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Teamcenter-Lösungen und weitere: 
The request for higher productivity and product quality while reducing costs and production times at the same time places complex challenges to the factory and plant planning. Digital planning methods provide resilient solutions for this by involving ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and federal PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) applications. The usage of these strategic digital systems increases the process efficiency sustainably and contributes to the preservation of the location as well as the safeguarding of jobs.


Due to the complex task in the plant automation, KARŌN pursues a scientific-methodical approach for the automation of processes and tasks. By this, scenarios for the digital planning of factories and plants are created:

  • Virtual planning in the context of producing companies
  • Development of cyber-physical systems and simulation models
  • Opportunities and solution approaches by the use of digital system engineering and manufacturing tools

In all of our activities we follow the vision of an independent performance of tasks. To put it plainly: a process or a production should run smoothly, manual interventions of humans should be reduced as much as possible. This scenario offers a fundamental basis for meeting industry 4.0.

Visualization of virtual realities

In many cases the 3D simulation is a valuable development tool. With the aid of 3D visualization glasses a planner can visit the virtual plant and experience interference contours, logistics flow and production processes. In terms of industry 4.0, the development of technical sections with regards to energy efficiency, handling, quality and time saving can be increased significantly.

Flexibility and adaptability

Another criterion of modern automation systems is their flexibility and their adaptability. For example to low standardized work steps because of strong changes in cycle times and product types. Or to location related features that are caused by external interfering factors like the outdoor-use of robots.
After defining the requirements profile, the concept will be developed. It is tested by the use of a prototype and the automatic operation. The aim of testing is the commissioning of the system under real conditions.

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Visual Manufacturing Planner VMP
  • SAP Production Planning PP
  • SAP Product Substitution Scheme PSS
  • SAP  Product Data Replication/Framework for Object Explosion PDR/FOX
  • SIEMENS Process Designer
  • SIEMENS Process Simulate
  • SIEMENS NX Line Designer
  • SIEMENS Manufacturing Process Planner MPP

System-neutral consultancy in the planning and controlling of production processes

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Teamcenter-Lösungen und weitere: 
The manufacturing area stands for the planning and controlling of production processes in the discrete manufacturing and digital factory. Due to a broad competence pool (expert and process knowledge, project management know-how as well as application and technology competences) we consultant completely system-neutral and independent. We act in the field of tension of interface analysis and implementation in a PLM environment (e.g. Siemens Teamcenter), of CAD, CAM applications and classic ERP systems (e.g. SAP).

Holistic digital image of the production

Through the application of PLM software, KARŌN gives its customers a comprehensive digital view of the entire production. By means of common CAD, CAM and CAE software, detailed visualizations of product and manufacturing processes are created – with a seamless information flow between ERP software and Shopfloor (industry 4.0). The result is a consistent process automatization of the whole development and production flow – with pleasing effects concerning the time to market, cost efficiency, production flexibility and quality assurance.

Custom-fit solutions

The neutral and system-independent approach of KARŌN is the basis for the high individuality and fitting accuracy of our customer solutions. In terms of an optimal potential identification, we are able to list and visualize even highly complex processes fast, precisely and properly. The wide-ranging competence spectrum of our employees and the high autonomous commitment of our teams guarantee a successful and efficient project progression.

The key points at a glance

  • The fast, realistic and precise analysis of company-specific process chains supports the optimization of the manufacturing process. The same applies to staff trainings.
  • Our system-independent consultancy approach ensures a highly requirement- and customer-specific solution. Up to the connection to MES systems.
  • Higher manufacturing output due to a better utilization of the machinery.

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Production Planning PP
  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization, Production Planing and Detailed Scheduling APO PP/DS
  • SIEMENS Preactor / Simatic IT UADM
  • KARŌN MES Tool Selection and Integration

Logistics as competitive factor

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The quality, efficiency and performance of the operational logistics chain are key factors for a company’s growth and stability. That is because effective and efficient logistic processes generate potentials to reduce costs. But there is more. In times of products that become more complex and individual and product life cycles that are getting shorter, logistic competencies turn into an important customer benefit as they directly influence the delivery quality and the just-in-time availability at the point of sale.

Logistics at KARŌN

As independent consultants we provide support for our customers along all flows of information and goods in the classical logistics. We focus our attention on the internal processes as well as the flows of information and goods from and to the proximate business partners. Furthermore, we consider the entire supply chain network – going beyond the company’s processes – starting from the raw material supplier up to the end customer. Doing so, we keep an eye on the interaction of costs, cycle time, reaction time, inventory management, delivery capability and the security of supply. This comprehensive approach is one of the success factors of the KARŌN consulting association.

System-neutral approach

We provide system-neutral supervision for all phases of the product life cycle out of one hand – strategical and operational. Also in the area of logistics. At first we analyze your processes logically – not until then we put into question the system: What is available? What is displayed by which means? Which systems can support the process in a professional and economic way? The result can consist for example of a mixture of SAP, MES, warehousing software or other. It will be individually adjusted to the specific needs of each customer.

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization Demande Planning APO DP
  • SAP Materials Management MM
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM
  • SAP Logistics Execution System LES
  • SIEMENS Plant Simulation
  • IPO.Plan IPO.Log
  • KARŌN Procurement Record

So, do you still have the overview?

The logistics team of KARŌN sheds some light and lists the most important products within the area of SAP Logistics in the following.  Learn more here!

SAP ERP 6.0 WM vs. SAP S/4HANA EWM: what is the difference?

As already known, SAP will supposingly discontinue the support for the “classic” ‘WM’ module by 2027.In the following we would like to give an overview and a comparison of the innovations and the differences of the module ‘WM’ and the application ‘EWM’.   Learn more here!


Hours or days of walking through shelf rows and counting goods – why should someone do this?Indeed, there are valid reasons to do that – besides the availability of the goods and materials for the customers and the own production there are several monetary reasons, i.e... Learn more here!


Adhoc customer requests and outbound deliveries with far less administrative effort and occurring costs – we from KARŌN can support you with that.
It doesn’t matter whether the end of a month or a year is approaching and further revenue should be achieved, or whether simply adhoc customer requests need to be fulfilled – if it needs to go fast, then the standard process of a SAP outbound delivery can cause a lot of administrative effort as well as the integration of multiple persons and departments... Learn more here!


SAP stops the support of EWM at the end of 2027.
You are facing the challenge to not only move your warehouse processes, but also your (logistic) master data within your Supply Chain into EWM. Learn more here!


Distribution at KARŌN

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If we look at the scope of an efficient distribution process, several operating ranges within a company are considered. One might first think about sales, dispatch and invoice of goods and services provided. If we follow the matter closely we find that also the areas of production logistics, procurement, sales planning, marketing, accounts receivable and controlling are part of the distribution process.

In this complex network of relationships too narrow perspectives and local optimizations become a burden of the overall efficiency. Therefore our consultants have broadened their horizons. Due to their generalist education and experience a holistic approach of the entire business processes can be ensured and thus lead to a greater increase in sales. Obviously taking into account all participants.

One of our main areas of experience is the automotive supply industry. Applied scenarios of an automated and integrated cooperation of manufacturer and supplier (Industry 4.0) shape our vision. They serve as the base for development of value chains beyond company borders. Furthermore a regular engagement in different branches like services, chemistry, machinery and plant manufacturing constantly provides new experiences and approaches.

Sales 4.0

New sales models have been developed lately in the western industries. Company borders blur, flexibility and ultimate approaches to customer requests are in great demand. Strategies like ‚product as a service’ point the way. Take the example of a manufacturer of a textile car wash. In the past a conflict of interest arose after a sale: The client claimed a smooth usage, the vendor could only sell parts, when a defect occurred. The alternative was a different sales model. The client paid for each operating hour of his car wash. All participants were interested in a smooth operation.

Our consultants have knowledge in relevant projects and for certain also for yours.

The key points at a glance

  • Generalistic and multicompetent approach
  • Holistic view of the divisions / no isolated solutions
  • Transfer of proven sample solutions from the automotive industry and other sectors
  • Cooperation along value chains beyond company borders
  • Future-oriented approaches

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Variantenconfiguration (LO-VS)
  • SAP Sales SD

Contract management of KARŌN

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Supply contracts, off-take agreements, maintenance and leasing contracts, license costs and insurances. A variety of contract types can accumulate in your company. Its contents, costs and terms are often regulated individually. High processing times are required for contract administration, e.g. for realizing a reference date assessment as it is used for accruals and provisions within the scope of annual financial statements.

Is such variety of contract types really controllable? It is. By means of a central overview, which allows an organizational classification as well as the interpretability of all existing contracts with regard to deadlines and expected costs. Financial loss due to missed contract termination or penalty remains a thing of the past.

Transparency in the contract jungle

Ideally the administration occurs system-based in a secure environment. As soon as the required information are filed into a SAP ERP system, agreements and contracts with appropriate combined documents can be displayed in the system, appointments and costs can be monitored and required statements concerning accruals within annual financial statements can be made. This helps to create the required transparency in the contract jungle. As a result search times diminish considerably and contracts with all relevant information are available at any time. Is a contract about to expire in the near future, persons concerned can be informed via E-Mail, SAP-Workflow or resubmission function.

Proven solutions

By means of our field-tested strategy we create your individual activity schedule for a smooth introduction of the KARŌN contract management solution including the management of cancellation and obsolescence.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Avoidance of missing deadlines
  • Short introduction times without additional costs (e.g. user licenses) or current costs (e.g. maintenance fees)
  • Automatic resubmission
  • Simple expandability
  • Maintenance of required contract data with individual organizational classification
  • Integration into existing SAP ERP modules (e.g. purchase, sales) and filing documents using SAP document management
  • Proven solution, already in use a several times

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing following tools

  • SAP Quality Management QM
  • SAP Quality Issue Management QIM
  • SAP Plant Maintenance PM
  • KARŌN Contract Management
  • Cortona 3D

Document management at KARŌN

SAP-Lösungen und weitere: 
ArchiveLink / cFolders / DMS / Document Center / EasyDMS
Teamcenter-Lösungen und weitere: 
SDM / MS Office Integration
Where to store documents reasonably? How do I get access? Who else has access? Our document management team ensures a clear and structured filing for all of your documents. How to find and how to access documents is precisely defined. We make sure that all your data is entered in a transparent system - without interface or mismatches.

Our service portfolio primarily includes a conventional document management software as well as a collaboration software. Latter can be applied for collaborations beyond company borders (e.g. corporate development activities). In order to guarantee a smooth project progression external team members can easily access project-related documents – also international.

Trendsetting systems

Still many companies administer and send their documents via E-Mail and use Excel in order to manage their projects. This wasts productivity and efficiency. We rather implement document management systems which are intuitively to use and process-oriented.

Thereby we link process requirements and possibilities of existing software. The result provides a consistent and streamlined process without media discontinuity.

Individual consulting and continuous support

With our teams’ expertise and process know-how we support the software projects of our clients into the future. As solution architect with broad practical background and experience we question the existing and evaluate the new by being in search of a better solution.

Our consulting philosophy aims at long-term orientation. Therefore we do not primarily focus on selective and local problems but develop new horizons of added value by means of strategic roadmaps.

Add-ons and mobile devices

The application of mobile devices into the infrastructure of companies is unstoppable. We help to integrate smartphones and tablets into your business processes by adjusting infrastructures and facilitating our clients’ changeover. Employees can then easily access project information on various devices.

Furthermore, KARŌN developed add-ons which provide additional functions for our customers. These add-ons safe time and facilitate work. Also they increase the possibilities in who to react to individual requirements very precisely.

Your advantages at a glance

  • System-neutral and independent solutions architect
  • Continuous support
  • Combination of process and professional competence
  • Long-term customer service on the basis of defined roadmaps
  • Add-ons adjusted to individual processes
  • Integration of mobile devices

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

Change management at KARŌN

SAP-Lösungen und weitere: 
Change Record / Revision Service
Teamcenter-Lösungen und weitere: 
Change Manager / Workflow Designer
Technical changes are fundamental for the product development process and its optimization. In many cases they affect organizational units, business processes and various IT applications. This flow of information needs time which in turn delays the product development process.

This is the moment for an efficient change management. It ensures a prompt, systematic and comprehensible modification of products, production processes, organizational processes and IT systems. However, this only works when existing organizational structures withstand the requirements of a company-wide change service and when processes possess the required flexibility.

Manage changes efficiently

The solutions of KARŌN are proven in practice and take account of all of these factors. They provide efficient organizational structures for a group-wide change management. To meet all the requirements of the burden of proof, we streamline change processes, accelerate process times and ensure a complete documentation of the change history.

As system and media discontinuity often imply increased organizational effort, we eliminate them within the meaning of an integrated change management. In terms of an Extended Enterprise we define change processes across and beyond divisions and locations so that you are able to cooperate ideally with other plants, partners and clients.

Integrated system solutions

Within the scope of our consulting model and in cooperation with your experts we develop pinpoint solutions for your individual company situation. The most suitable combination of organization, process and IT solutions – the optimal technical and economic characteristic. The basis for this is the link of all information that describes the product changes in a consistent integrated system.

Take advantage of our know-how!
Extensive experience in combination with profound knowledge of the industry enables us quick access to your processes. No matter whether you wish to optimize existing processes and working methods or draw additional potential.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduction of risks through incorrect entry and redundant data retention
  • Prevention of multiple entries into various systems
  • Avoidance of unsynchronized information
  • Link of all change relevant documents and process data with the case of change
  • Optimized use of resources for the management of a company-wide ‚Engineering Change Process’
  • Traceability of change history
  • Reduction of efforts, time, costs and waste

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Change Record
  • SAP Revision Service
  • SIEMENS Change Manager
  • SIEMENS Workflow Designer

Interactive 3D Communication

Digitalization accesses the Business world at high-speed. Find out more about new possibilities in 3D documentation.

KARŌN Quick-Check

Digitalization is not stoppable, but designable
KARŌN Document Explorer

KARŌN Document Explorer

The KARŌN Document Explorer 3.0 is a user-friendly FIORI interface to simplify document management in SAP by using web-based or mobile devices
KARON SolutionsTM

Software solutions from KARŌN

Our developers master different programming languages and have individually programmed divers SAP and Teamcenter solutions in many projects. These solutions are mentioned below. They complement the standard and improve the value added potential of existing implementations.

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Bernhard Jäckel
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Bernhard Jäckel
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Solutions for portfolio and project management

  • Task Dashboard add-on (all Task Dashboard, closed Task Dashboard)
  • PPM capacity requirement planning
  • PPM reporting (live data) in WebDynpro incl. history (month/ year)
  • PPM reporting: export of long text fields with the Portfolio- Item in excel
  • ACL Sync PPM ► EasyDMS
  • Automated task and phases conclusion
  • Automated versioning
  • Automated allocation of numbers Item ID
  • Customized tool tips for customer related fields
  • Status-depended field control
  • Status-depended value placement (e.g. date)
  • Status history for the decision points in WebDynpro
  • cProjects/ EasyDMS, when creating new project versions the construction of a new folder structure in EasyDMS is circumvented
  • cProjects calculation within the finance-/ capacity view in the portfolio
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Christian Deubel
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Christian Deubel
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Solutions for document management

  • Smartsolution for SAP EasyDMS
  • Customizing function/ folder structure
  • Virtual folder (view/ search folder)
  • Hidden Folder DMS classification inheritance (also for copies)
  • Baseline
  • Structure on demand
  • EasyDMS Version Browser
  • KARON Dokument Explorer 2.0 for SAP DMS (SAP GUI basiert)
  • KARON Dokument Explorer 3.0 for SAP DMS (FIORI basiert)
  • DMS Notification - UseCase 01 (Link-Update)
  • DMS Notification - Use Case 02 (DIS Status Update)
  • DMS Notification - Use Case 03 (EDMS subscription function)
  • DMS Analytics
  • Delete DocBOM from CSV
  • SealSystems „DVS Lader“
  • DOKAR Split
  • CREP Maintenance
  • BadI Router
  • Thumbnail generator (thumbnails) for migration and creation via SAP GUI
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Björn Müller
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Björn Müller
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Solutions for contract management

  • Approval process for sales documents
  • Value restrictions for sales document (order reason, reason for rejection , delivery block, billing block)
  • SD price upload (generic for condition type)
  • MM price upload (generic for condition type)
  • Purchasing info creation/ order book care monitoring (2x)
  • Tax determination / validation
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How do I implement my vision? How can I minimize the project efforts and risks? How can I support the change management when introducing new processes? The answer is simply: with a dynamic and iterative method set. Preferably with Model-based Design® from KARŌN. Model-based Design® combines classical and dynamic project management methods to a highly efficient project approach. The method reflects our extensive experience throughout numerous projects. The analytical tools of the method were refined together with a technical university. What are the advantages of Model-based Design®? The benefits of the method are more project efficiency and less work load for your employees.

Model-based design by KARŌN


Which further requirements should the method fulfill? We want to be able to determine problems and changes requests early in the process to make sure to patch them with small effort. Our model should be a skeletal reflection of the target system that includes all critical processes. With this in mind it is already available at an early state but not detailed. The arrangement of the model is oriented on the target process and its target system.

Further assumptions with the Model-Based Design® method

  • Proof of the suitability of solutions for
    • mapping processes
    • technologies in use
    • acceptance of the user
  • Solution will be gained iteratively
  • High modification tolerance
  • Generic basic model
  • Ability for adaptive adjustment regarding each customer situation
  • Combination opportunity with other methods
  • The method supports the change processes and increases the employee acceptance

Model based approach

Template Set-up

During the set-up phase we install an application specific template. It includes a generic model with processes and the associated basic data. It enables an accelerate project start.

Discovery Workshop

In the discovery workshop we identify customer requirements on the basis of their business processes (those form the basis for further project organization).

Configuration cycles

The model combines the needs from the process analysis with the IT solution. Thereby the tool is developed and saved during the basic attitude cycle and the modification cycle. This happens in a simplified and representative manner. The focus is to save the critical process route and to prove the overall feasibility of the solution.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Unique, scientifically proven method
  • Shorter project periods
  • Lower costs
  • Minimization of risks
  • Stabilization of the system due to the utilization of standards or customer specific software
  • Optimized change management
  • Method construction kit
  • Lower work load for the employees
our approach

We focus on the following branches

  • Automotive
  • Engineering & plant construction
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Aircraft industry