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Change management at KARŌN

SAP-Lösungen und weitere: 
Change Record / Revision Service
Teamcenter-Lösungen und weitere: 
Change Manager / Workflow Designer
Technical changes are fundamental for the product development process and its optimization. In many cases they affect organizational units, business processes and various IT applications. This flow of information needs time which in turn delays the product development process.

This is the moment for an efficient change management. It ensures a prompt, systematic and comprehensible modification of products, production processes, organizational processes and IT systems. However, this only works when existing organizational structures withstand the requirements of a company-wide change service and when processes possess the required flexibility.

Manage changes efficiently

The solutions of KARŌN are proven in practice and take account of all of these factors. They provide efficient organizational structures for a group-wide change management. To meet all the requirements of the burden of proof, we streamline change processes, accelerate process times and ensure a complete documentation of the change history.

As system and media discontinuity often imply increased organizational effort, we eliminate them within the meaning of an integrated change management. In terms of an Extended Enterprise we define change processes across and beyond divisions and locations so that you are able to cooperate ideally with other plants, partners and clients.

Integrated system solutions

Within the scope of our consulting model and in cooperation with your experts we develop pinpoint solutions for your individual company situation. The most suitable combination of organization, process and IT solutions – the optimal technical and economic characteristic. The basis for this is the link of all information that describes the product changes in a consistent integrated system.

Take advantage of our know-how!
Extensive experience in combination with profound knowledge of the industry enables us quick access to your processes. No matter whether you wish to optimize existing processes and working methods or draw additional potential.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduction of risks through incorrect entry and redundant data retention
  • Prevention of multiple entries into various systems
  • Avoidance of unsynchronized information
  • Link of all change relevant documents and process data with the case of change
  • Optimized use of resources for the management of a company-wide ‚Engineering Change Process’
  • Traceability of change history
  • Reduction of efforts, time, costs and waste

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Change Record
  • SAP Revision Service
  • SIEMENS Change Manager
  • SIEMENS Workflow Designer