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Distribution at KARŌN

SAP-Lösungen und weitere: 
If we look at the scope of an efficient distribution process, several operating ranges within a company are considered. One might first think about sales, dispatch and invoice of goods and services provided. If we follow the matter closely we find that also the areas of production logistics, procurement, sales planning, marketing, accounts receivable and controlling are part of the distribution process.

In this complex network of relationships too narrow perspectives and local optimizations become a burden of the overall efficiency. Therefore our consultants have broadened their horizons. Due to their generalist education and experience a holistic approach of the entire business processes can be ensured and thus lead to a greater increase in sales. Obviously taking into account all participants.

One of our main areas of experience is the automotive supply industry. Applied scenarios of an automated and integrated cooperation of manufacturer and supplier (Industry 4.0) shape our vision. They serve as the base for development of value chains beyond company borders. Furthermore a regular engagement in different branches like services, chemistry, machinery and plant manufacturing constantly provides new experiences and approaches.

Sales 4.0

New sales models have been developed lately in the western industries. Company borders blur, flexibility and ultimate approaches to customer requests are in great demand. Strategies like ‚product as a service’ point the way. Take the example of a manufacturer of a textile car wash. In the past a conflict of interest arose after a sale: The client claimed a smooth usage, the vendor could only sell parts, when a defect occurred. The alternative was a different sales model. The client paid for each operating hour of his car wash. All participants were interested in a smooth operation.

Our consultants have knowledge in relevant projects and for certain also for yours.

The key points at a glance

  • Generalistic and multicompetent approach
  • Holistic view of the divisions / no isolated solutions
  • Transfer of proven sample solutions from the automotive industry and other sectors
  • Cooperation along value chains beyond company borders
  • Future-oriented approaches

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Variantenconfiguration (LO-VS)
  • SAP Sales SD