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Document management at KARŌN

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Where to store documents reasonably? How do I get access? Who else has access? Our document management team ensures a clear and structured filing for all of your documents. How to find and how to access documents is precisely defined. We make sure that all your data is entered in a transparent system - without interface or mismatches.

Our service portfolio primarily includes a conventional document management software as well as a collaboration software. Latter can be applied for collaborations beyond company borders (e.g. corporate development activities). In order to guarantee a smooth project progression external team members can easily access project-related documents – also international.

Trendsetting systems

Still many companies administer and send their documents via E-Mail and use Excel in order to manage their projects. This wasts productivity and efficiency. We rather implement document management systems which are intuitively to use and process-oriented.

Thereby we link process requirements and possibilities of existing software. The result provides a consistent and streamlined process without media discontinuity.

Individual consulting and continuous support

With our teams’ expertise and process know-how we support the software projects of our clients into the future. As solution architect with broad practical background and experience we question the existing and evaluate the new by being in search of a better solution.

Our consulting philosophy aims at long-term orientation. Therefore we do not primarily focus on selective and local problems but develop new horizons of added value by means of strategic roadmaps.

Add-ons and mobile devices

The application of mobile devices into the infrastructure of companies is unstoppable. We help to integrate smartphones and tablets into your business processes by adjusting infrastructures and facilitating our clients’ changeover. Employees can then easily access project information on various devices.

Furthermore, KARŌN developed add-ons which provide additional functions for our customers. These add-ons safe time and facilitate work. Also they increase the possibilities in who to react to individual requirements very precisely.

Your advantages at a glance

  • System-neutral and independent solutions architect
  • Continuous support
  • Combination of process and professional competence
  • Long-term customer service on the basis of defined roadmaps
  • Add-ons adjusted to individual processes
  • Integration of mobile devices

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools