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KARŌN Document Explorer 2.0 (SAP GUI)

The KARŌN Document Explorer 2.0 for SAP GUI is the solution to increase productivity and user-friedlinesswithin the SAP Document Management. By connecting the technologies SAP DMS and SAP ArchiveLinkwith additional, intuitive Add-Onsthe customer gets a simple, user-friendly and strong-performing SAP tool to manage his documents.

KARŌN Document Explorer 2.0 – the simple & intuitive Document Management

Documents are the storage of knowledge and experience in a company. We support our customersto manage their documents based on this perspective. Long searchesfor information, media disruptions, costly transaction changes, different versions and missing authorization guidelines are only a few difficulties within the SAP Document Management.

At a glance

Structuring, archiving, managing – the challange is to handle the increasing number of data and electronic documentswhich are containing the knowhow in the organization. The KARŌN Document Explorer providesthe possibility of a companywide archiving structure while securing the highest rate of user-friedliness. This allows a productive handling of the flood of data within the SAP System infrastructure.

All information needed directly available and at a glance – This is the key to an organizational responsiveness and productivity of employeesin the SAP DocumentManagement.

Your advantages

The connectionof information and knowledge, fast availability and collaboration are successfactors of todays Document Management Systems. The KARŌN Document Explorer supports you to reach this goals and implement them into your daily business.

Use the existing knowledge and gained time for value creating processesin your company!

If you are interessed in the Fiori Version KARON Document Explorer 3.0 as standalone DMS or as SAP EasyDMS replacement visit us http://www.docex.karon.de

Get in contactwith us and get convinced by a free presentation. Send an e-mail to info@karon.de or call usthrough + 49 6142 30170-0. Our Document Management Team is looking forward to support you.