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KARŌN Quick-Check

Digitalization is not stoppable, but designable

  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are meta terms of a specific language and therefore hard to grasp – KARŌN explainsthe 4.0-language to its customers
  • The vision of KARŌN is to connectthe real-worldwith the virtual-world. The Quick-Check is the tool to connect bothworlds

KARŌN Quick-Check

In a three-dayworkshop KARŌN identifysthe status quo of the digitalization in your company. The Quick-Check gives a view on processes, systems and employees. Togetherwewill discussspecific aspects of your company.

Our pre-definedquestion catalogue enables a quick workshop presentation – a pool of 200 questions coversseven businesssegments and generates over 500 answersto develop a precise recommended action for your company.

Based on

  • many years of project experience,
  • scientific collaborationwith universities
  • KARŌN developed the Quick Check togetherwith customers and is
  • approved partner and supporter

At a glance

Digitalization – Industry 4.0 – Economy 4.0

  • 4.0 changes the economy – also yours
  • Awareness is the key to your industry 4.0
  • Digitalization is not stoppable, but designable

The KARŌN Quick Check

  • Determine the 4.0-Status of your business segments
  • Acquire knowledge and 4.0-language
  • Receive precise recommended actions

Added value for your company

  • Preparation for the digital transdormation through a 360°- view
  • Target-oriented recommended action
  • KARŌN – Certified to apply for funds
  • Sensitization for new business and sales models in the economy 4.0
  • Suggestions to higher the efficiency of your company