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Logistics as competitive factor

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The quality, efficiency and performance of the operational logistics chain are key factors for a company’s growth and stability. That is because effective and efficient logistic processes generate potentials to reduce costs. But there is more. In times of products that become more complex and individual and product life cycles that are getting shorter, logistic competencies turn into an important customer benefit as they directly influence the delivery quality and the just-in-time availability at the point of sale.

Logistics at KARŌN

As independent consultants we provide support for our customers along all flows of information and goods in the classical logistics. We focus our attention on the internal processes as well as the flows of information and goods from and to the proximate business partners. Furthermore, we consider the entire supply chain network – going beyond the company’s processes – starting from the raw material supplier up to the end customer. Doing so, we keep an eye on the interaction of costs, cycle time, reaction time, inventory management, delivery capability and the security of supply. This comprehensive approach is one of the success factors of the KARŌN consulting association.

System-neutral approach

We provide system-neutral supervision for all phases of the product life cycle out of one hand – strategical and operational. Also in the area of logistics. At first we analyze your processes logically – not until then we put into question the system: What is available? What is displayed by which means? Which systems can support the process in a professional and economic way? The result can consist for example of a mixture of SAP, MES, warehousing software or other. It will be individually adjusted to the specific needs of each customer.

In addition to the system neutral strategy and process consulting we support you when implementing fallowing tools

  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization Demande Planning APO DP
  • SAP Materials Management MM
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM
  • SAP Logistics Execution System LES
  • SIEMENS Plant Simulation
  • IPO.Plan IPO.Log
  • KARŌN Procurement Record