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Model-based design by KARŌN


Which further requirements should the method fulfill? We want to be able to determine problems and changes requests early in the process to make sure to patch them with small effort. Our model should be a skeletal reflection of the target system that includes all critical processes. With this in mind it is already available at an early state but not detailed. The arrangement of the model is oriented on the target process and its target system.

Further assumptions with the Model-Based Design® method

  • Proof of the suitability of solutions for
    • mapping processes
    • technologies in use
    • acceptance of the user
  • Solution will be gained iteratively
  • High modification tolerance
  • Generic basic model
  • Ability for adaptive adjustment regarding each customer situation
  • Combination opportunity with other methods
  • The method supports the change processes and increases the employee acceptance

Model based approach

Template Set-up

During the set-up phase we install an application specific template. It includes a generic model with processes and the associated basic data. It enables an accelerate project start.

Discovery Workshop

In the discovery workshop we identify customer requirements on the basis of their business processes (those form the basis for further project organization).

Configuration cycles

The model combines the needs from the process analysis with the IT solution. Thereby the tool is developed and saved during the basic attitude cycle and the modification cycle. This happens in a simplified and representative manner. The focus is to save the critical process route and to prove the overall feasibility of the solution.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Unique, scientifically proven method
  • Shorter project periods
  • Lower costs
  • Minimization of risks
  • Stabilization of the system due to the utilization of standards or customer specific software
  • Optimized change management
  • Method construction kit
  • Lower work load for the employees