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Solutions for portfolio and project management

  • Task Dashboard add-on (all Task Dashboard, closed Task Dashboard)
  • PPM capacity requirement planning
  • PPM reporting (live data) in WebDynpro incl. history (month/ year)
  • PPM reporting: export of long text fields with the Portfolio- Item in excel
  • ACL Sync PPM ► EasyDMS
  • Automated task and phases conclusion
  • Automated versioning
  • Automated allocation of numbers Item ID
  • Customized tool tips for customer related fields
  • Status-depended field control
  • Status-depended value placement (e.g. date)
  • Status history for the decision points in WebDynpro
  • cProjects/ EasyDMS, when creating new project versions the construction of a new folder structure in EasyDMS is circumvented
  • cProjects calculation within the finance-/ capacity view in the portfolio