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KARŌN at the ESO Wirtschaftsdialog

The 3. ESO Economy Dialogue took place in Iserlohn on Monday the 5th of March. With the thematic focus on digitalization of companies, sports and healthcare the dialogue was addressing Entrepreneurs and Managers from the region South Westphalia. Within this dialogue KARON presented the Quick-Check for the digitalization of companies.


Article: Digital Factory at Magna Steyr

In the article from Südwestfalen Manager Magazin KARON reports about the project "Digital Factory" at his customers. Virtual planning process at Magna Steyr not only means to retrace the vehicle construction state at any point of planning, but also to retrace it in the particular station using a 3D-representation.

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bws & the KARŌN Quick Check Industrie 4.0


Together with the customer bws from Hemer, KARŌN has developed and implemented the innovative KARŌN Quick Check “Industrie 4.0“. It combines current scientific work with many years' consulting experience and the tasks of a mid-sized company in discrete manufacturing.


Quick Check "Industrie 4.0"

Digitalization & "Industrie 4.0"

  • "Industrie 4.0" will change the business – also yours
  • The key to your own "Industrie 4.0" is knowledge
  • You can not stop digitalization, so start designing it your way

KARŌN Quick Check

  • Determine the "4.0 status" of your business units
  • Gain knowledge about "Industrie 4.0"
  • Individual recommended courses of action

Benefit for your company


KARŌN Experts extend their expertise in IPO.LOG

IPO.Log is the „4D-planning and visualization tool“ of the industry. KARŌN consultants have deepened their knowledge e.g. in the process and optimization planning with IPO.Process, the IPO.Worker-Simulation and managing racks in IPO.Detailed-Planning.

Our colleagues support you when planning assembly and logistics processes, bringing in their knowhow of latest technologies and Industry 4.0.

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